Meet Dr. Rose Parker

The Advocate

Having suffered years of abuse, Dr. Rose uses her experience on her platforms to educate, motivate and speak out against abuse.  Saving Our Women International was birthed for that very cause

The Author/Publisher

With stories, testimonies, tons of experience and opportunities Dr. Rose is able to package her stories, and offer intervention and prevention of abuse.  She also has opened an avenue for others to share their stories, strength and hope.

The Minister/Missionary

As a Minister, motivational and inspirational speaker, preacher, educator, missionary and more, Dr. Rose uses her gifts and talents in various settings to declare that Jesus the Christ is her healer and deliver, and can be yours too..  

The Book

FORWARD BY: Susan Poole, CIW Warden (Retired)

Beat Up, Beat Down and Still Standing tells about a woman who moved from powerless to powerful. Through this chilling story, Rose Parker uses her voice to shed light on a worldwide problem that is gravely affecting the lives of many people, Domestic Violence.

Cheryl Jennings - ABC Television

Beat Up Beat Down and Still Standing is about a woman of courage and determination.  I met Rose after she had  been "Beat Up" by her ex-boyfriend and "Beat Down" by the justice system, I marvel at the fact that after all she has endured, she is "STILL STANDING" I have learned through following this incredible woman's life, that no matter what your trial, you should never give up.

Bishop Ron Gibson

"From disgrace to his grace, an awesome story by a Phenomenal Woman"

Ann McDermott, CNN News

Rose Parker was faced with a choice of living in fear of a man who repeatedly threatened to kill her and her children or the possibility of lifetime behind bars.  Parker received a 27 year-to-life sentence in a California state prison.

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Dr. Rose's photo gallery

Dr. Rose & T.D. Jakes

"I wept the first time I heard Rose talk about her story, this sister lived a nightmare." - Bishop T.D. Jakes

Interview Highlights from the CBS Studios

Dr. Rose is pictured here for the taping of Victory Road with Dr. Lee Benton

The Martin Luther King III & Dr. Rose aka the King and Parker Team

Rose Parker always tell the son of the late Martin Luther King Jr.,  that "to go where your father went, he must have a Rose Parker :) 

Promoting this "Out Standing" Book

Beat Up, Beat Down & STILL STANDING


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A Must have in your library,  Daughter of an Ontario, CA pastor, Reverend Emanuel January and her mother Bertha who directed the choir, Rose appeared on Soul Train, and other shows such as Cheers, White Shadows, Hill Street Blues, and movies such as War Games and JoJo Dancer. The life of stardom Rose dreamed of was coming true, but after a divorce, broken relationship, abortion and drifting from church, Rose ended up meeting Art, twice Rose's age, a concert promoter. Art not only beat Rose, but did not allow her to work. The violence escalated, and after holding Rose hostage for four days, Rose's brother Peter tried to rescue her, but Rose grabbed gun and shot Art dead. Rose was charged with murder and sentenced to life in prison. Rose made history in 2000 by being the first convicted murderer to be released from a California prison by Governor Gray Davis. Rose believed God had a plan for her and never gave up. This book gives a full account of Rose's life in prison which will give hope to others. 

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